Life is filled with stressors: 

mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, career, family, systemic, life changes,  grief and loss...

and I am here to offer support.

This is your time to be seen and heard. 

I embrace the diversity of each individual. As a counselor who identifies as a multiethnic and multiracial woman of color, I am passionate about honoring your unique identity and story. Life and work stressors, multicultural issues, women's issues, shame/guilt, self-esteem, identity, emotional regulation, creativity, and relationship issues may be areas you want support navigating. We will co-create together the course of our time together, based on what is salient and meaningful to you. I believe you are the expert of your own story, and I will offer avenues for exploration that have the potential to add new areas of dimensionality, growth, insight, and expansion in your life. My work focuses on creative modalities from both a strength-based and Jungian Depth perspective. Besides talk therapy, sessions may include and are not limited to: creative arts explorations, embodiment/movement exercises, original writings and will be tailored based on your needs and desires, shifting as the work progresses.

The words creativity and art can be intimidating, bringing up memories or expectations. 

This therapuetic orientation is about the process, discovering through tradititonal talk therapy and/or creative modalities, and not the product. This process is for everyone.

Creative modalities, from visual art, drama, music, and movement can allow you to express yourself in new ways, increasing self-worth, and your sense of emotional resilience, reduce stress and expand your self-awareness. We will go at your pace while also challenging your edges. I will be curious, present, and focused on creating safe space as we navigate together the unknown. I am passionate about supporting your individuality as you journey towards your dreams, personal growth, creative potential, finding clarity, and transformation.